American Roller Company is the leading manufacturer of rubber, urethane, ceramic, hard coat, bowed, heat transfer, and other specialty rollersor coatings used in the Converting industry. 

Plasma Coatings, Inc. provides cost effective solutions to a variety of manufacturing problems across many industries. Specialty coatings enhance the surface properties of production equipment where toughness, abuse resistance, and longevity are required. Drums, rollers, guide plates, vats and more all can be improved to provide better performance.

rubber rollers

thermalon rolls

Thermalon Rolls

Thermalon Rolls deliver quicker warm up times and rapid temperature recovery with lower energy consumption while significantly boosting productivity through reduced maintenance downtime and improved temperature control. Because of the standard core construction, Thermalon can be easily retrofit to replace existing liquid systems.


arcotron rolls

Arcotron Rolls

CL500: Recommended for high volume corona treating operations. Arcotron CL510: For use in high volume treating operations using non-driven rollers.Arcotron CL550: For harsh, high power corona treating operations and skip treating applications.


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arcoflex rollers

Arcoflex Rollers
Arcoflex rollers are available for every flexo application and are held to the tightest  tolerances in the industry for taper,  straightness and concentricity to ensure uniform ink transfer and minimum wear.

carbon fibre tubes and parts

tchers are available in single, double, quad or six groove patterns.  The six groove configuration is ideal for handling very thin substrates and allows converters to run these thinner substrates at lower tensions and higher line speeds for better productivity.

converrting rolls


bowed rollers

Bowed Rollers
Bowed rollers address web handling and wrinkling problems in a wide variety of materials and web speeds. They can be rubber covered or steel segmented and can have a fixed or adjustable bow. American Roller Bowed Rollers are custom designed to meet your particular application needs.

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