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InkSpec is the Award Winning Technology for measurement of Ink Viscosity with no moving parts and no maintenance.

In 1985 PAD was founded by Daniel Poissant as the sole proprietor. The company initially specialized in automation for the converting industry.

Inkspec supplies systems to printers for retrofits, as well as to press OEMs for new installations. The same IIS technology works for Solvent or water based inks.

Call us to inquire about customized systems for total ink control.

Webconvert is a stocking distributor of the Inkspec Ultrafilter.

InkSpec Intelligent Inline Sensor (IIS)
Is the heart of the system, and this can be configured as a multichannel controller for up to 12 colours, or a standalone system for one or two colors.
IIS and Filters
InkSpec Solo with Ultrafilter
The InkSpec Solo offers continuous measurements and corrections to the smallest of changes in printing fluid viscosity.
Solo with Ultrafilter
A maintenance friendly filter with low weight and high efficiency, along with other accessories.


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