Knives & Belts

Model 28 Crush Cut Holder
Model 28 Crush Cut Holder
  • Equipped with either dovetail mounting or quick release dovetail clamp
  • Existing holders with dovetail mounting screws can be easily converted to the quick clamp style in the field
  • Available with either 22 mm or 19 mm shielded bearings
  • available with razor blade modfication
  • available in a variety of widths & configurations
  • Available with two standard (American & European) Coupling styles
American Coupling European Coupling
American Coupling European Coupling

Circular Machine Knives
Circular Machine Knife
  • Various sizes available from stock, many more by special order

Tube Winder Belts
Tube Winder Belts
  • A variety of sizes is available from stock in Toronto
  • Continuous tube winder belts with no visible beginning or end, made from a combination of a rubber covering and an endless high tensile cord core
  • Specifically designed for operating around pulleys and mandrels in the production of paper tubing
  • Our belts offer a smooth, endless surface, accurate lengths and widths and a high tensile strength, all necessary for the production of high quality paper tubes
  • The rubber stock is a special compound with a high friction coefficient throughout its entire thickness. It pulls uniformly from its full thickness when first installed until worn down to the cord center
  • Both sides of the belt are used – for maximum life and service, alternate sides for even wear and increased performance
  • The rubber is non marking, non toxic and resists absorption of water soluble glue
  • Excellent performance with a wide variety of paper stock

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