Corona Treater Supplies

Dyne Pens
Dyne Pens

Silicone Sleeves
Silicon Sleeves
Webconvert also represents American Roller/Plasma Coatings, the choice for Ceramic Covered Treater Dielectric Rollers. Call for more information.

Recyl 2000 and Recyl Cobra
Recyclclean 2000
  • Recyl Cobra is a deep cleaner used either in or out of the press to restore the transfer capacity of your ceramic anilox rolls. For use with all types of inks & coatings.
  • Recyl 2000 is intended to be used as a weekly cleaner. Regular use eliminates clogging and maintains maximum transfer capacity of your ceramic and chrome anilox rollers. For use with solvent, UV, coatings & water based inks. Biodegradable. Reduces use of ultra sonics and media blasting cleaning machines.

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