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If you really want to know the volume of your Anilox rolls, the tool you need is the Troika AniCAM.

The Troika AniCAM is a portable, hand held anilox roll measurement system for accurate cell volume measurement.  Images can be saved for recall and e-mailing with remote viewing and analysis capability and the unit can interface with a PC via USB.

The AniCAM offers complex cell analysis and 2D and 3D dot measurement for both flexo plates and gravure cylinders.

Troika’s Flexo Plate II Print dot measurement system is the most portable, affordable and easy-to-use flexo dot measurement system on the market today. It is the perfect press-side solution for dot measurement. It is not a densitometer: it measures actual physical dot size and enables you to see the dots you are working with, which is a great benefit for problem solving. The system allows you to measure any spot on the plate or printed copy and it can be easily moved around even to check dots on mounted plates.

A 5 minute video demonstration is available on the Troika Systems web site. Turn on your speakers and follow the link below.

Companion products include the BrailleCAM.

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