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BST – Vision, Inspection and Web Guiding

Products That Improve, Enhance, Optimize and Maximize
In 2014, two dynamic companies in the field of printing, flexible packaging and related industries merged to create BSTeltromat. Today, BST North America is the operating company responsible for BSTeltromat, Accuweb, and BST Procontrol business in North America.

BSTeltromat – Print Viewing and Inspection, Spectral Color Measurement together with X-Rite.
iPQ Center is the modular platform that opens a world of possibilities in print quality management, click here to learn more

Accuweb – Web Guiding Solutions

Accuweb branch in Madison Wisconsin is responsible for delivering and servicing both BST and Accuweb products, click here to learn more

BST ProControl – Gauging Systems, Thickness Measurement
BST ProControl is the newest member of the BST family specializing in thickness control of various flat substrates, click here to learn more.

Local Sales Support in Canada
Webconvert has knowledgeable local sales representatives and Applications Engineers who will listen to your needs and recommend the best solution. Contact us for solutions to your print process issues and web guiding problems.

The economical choice for narrow web viewing
Optical Quality Control for Print Quality
Defect Detection
Shark Linescan Technology
For 100% inspection and defect detection
Shark Linescan Technology
Compact Web Guide
For narrow web presses
Compact Web Guide

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