Ink & Anilox Cleaners

Quick Wash Premium
Quick Wash Solvent
Makes rinsing the inking circuit easier and reduces water consumption and colour change over time. This is a biodegradable cleaner that can be diluted 1:10 with water.

Quick Wash Solvent
Recyl Cobra Cleaner
For use with solvent based inks to clean the inking circuit and printing plates. The odorless, non-flammable, biodegradable cleaning product does not contain solvent and does not damage printing plates. (Quick Wash biodegradable cleaners are also available for UV and water based inks)

Quick Wash UV
Recyl Clean 2000
Very effective when used on radicular and cationic inks. It is non-flammable, odorless, and biodegradable. This product does not damage printing plates, and is recommended for all cleaning operations.
Ink Filter
InkSpec Ink Filter
  • Stops Ferrous and other particles from contaminating printing fluid
  • No tools required for quick and easy maintenance
  • Helps extend longevity of anilox rolls and clean printing
The In-Line Magnetic Filter is compact and equipped with a rare earth magnet fitted in a conical shaped cartridge to ensure efficient ink flow. Designed for trouble free maintenance! Simply release the knob, pull out the cap, remove the strainer and just wipe down the magnetic cartridge. The contaminating particles will remain in the rag due to its dead zone.
Recyl Cobra
Recyl Cobra Cleaner
A deep cleaner used either in or out of the press to restore the transfer capacity of your ceramic anilox rolls. For use with all types of inks & coatings.

Recyl 2000
Recyl Clean 2000
Weekly Cleaner. Regular use eliminates clogging and maintains maximum transfer capacity of your ceramic and chrome anilox rollers. For use with solvent, UV, coatings & water based inks. Biodegradable. Reduces use of ultra sonics and media blasting cleaning machines.

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