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Anilox Rolls by Praxair
Praxair is a technology leader in wear-resistant ceramic coatings, laser engraving and roll measurement for printing machinery manufacturers and end-users.

Whether you are looking for new Anilox rolls or sleeves, or whether you have existing rolls or sleeves that need to be refurbished, Praxair’s high quality ceramic coatings and stringent quality controls are second to none.

Quality Construction
The performance of a laser engraved ceramic anilox roll begins with the coating. Praxair's exclusive LC4 roll coating, made of 99 percent pure chrome oxide, sets the standard in bond strength and density. The coating also maintains an average hardness of 1300 Vickers, making it one of the hardest in the industry. These characteristics ensure that Praxair anilox rolls will run on-press longer, without need of repair or replacement. But coating isn’t the only consideration. The mechanical integrity of the roll underneath is also crucial to print quality. It must not waver. That is why every one of Praxair's anilox rolls is built to exacting specifications.

The final key to the Praxair anilox roll is engraving. Praxair takes extensive measures to ensure precision throughout the engraving process. Having the proper cell volume is absolutely necessary to accurate color reproduction. Praxair can produce consistent cell volume because we use the latest process measurement technologies.

Praxair Proline Roller
Praxair Proline Roller

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