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XYMID, LLC was formed as a spin-off from the DuPont Company on October 1, 1998 and is located just outside Richmond, Virginia.  The company consists of several businesses started while within DuPont and several started since the spin-off.  XYMID, LLC specializes in composite Print Sleeves, Bridge Mandrels and Protective Roll Covers for the Flexographic Printing industry and a variety of technical composite fabrics for commercial and military use.

Xymid UltraFlex print sleeves, ranging in thickness from .015" to .450", are constructed using durable, crack resistant polymeric material which offers excellent chemical resistance and product life.  As repeats build, Xymid offers their DuraRound thick sleeves for thicknesses ranging from .450" to 2.500".

For the printer with a cantilevered or gearless press, Xymid offers their AccuMount bridge mandrels for use with both their UltraFlex and DuraRound sleeve products.  AccuMount bridge mandrels and DuraRound thick sleeves have a robust design with urethane end caps to seal the ends from moisture and to provide improved impact resistance. The outer surface can be replaced if damaged for much less than the cost of purchasing a new bridge or thick sleeve.

In many instances, printers can reduce their costs by using bridge mandrels in conjunction with thin sleeves.  This is particularly true when two or more sets of sleeves are required at a given repeat or when several repeats are close together and only one set of sleeves is required at each repeat.

Finally, Xymid ProTek roll covers represent an excellent value for the cost conscious company wishing to protect their investment in anilox or other engraved rolls.  The chemical resistant, impact resistant surface offers excellent protection against roll damage. ProTek covers are easy to mount or demount, even when the roll is still in the press.  They are available in slit form for use with traditional cylinders with journals or in the un-slit form for use with sleeve anilox rolls.

Flexo Magazine Interview with Mike Smoot:

UltraFlex Print Sleeve
Xymid UltraFlex Print Sleeves
DuraRound Thick Sleeve
Xymid DuraRound Thick Sleeve
AccuMount Bridge Mandrel
Xymid Accumount Bridge Mandrel
ProTek Roll Covers
Xymid ProTek Roll Covers

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